There is a light I see.  One that shines radiant in a lost world of darkness.  It is the light of truth that continues to pour life out where there seems to be nothing left but death.  This light is not always something easily attainable.  Yet it can flicker into life by the very thought of encouragement and believing the best.

This light is both a mixture of truth, hope and faith.  It is speaking out what you might not see in the moment, yet hope or know to be true in the long run.  It is taking the time to look at a person beyond any of their exterior features, worst attributes and your own human emotions.  Seeing them instead.  Seeing life instead.  Believing there is purpose in every life.  Trusting that even the slightest cultivation and love can help bring about  the best version of someone.

It is not easy because far too often we are consumed by our feelings or overwrought by our own troubles.  In the blink of an eye a person can be incriminated beyond repair in our own minds.  The same is true in reverse.  In a moment we can build someone up to their maximum potential and inspire them to live vibrantly… even if we don’t “feel” it in that moment.  Even if they don’t believe it or exhibit it, in that moment.  That moment when we choose to speak life instead of death something shifts in our reality.

I am not trying to imply that this is an end all, fix all, be all solution to the worlds problems.  I am merely challenging us as humans to step out in faith towards other fellow humans.  To assume that God had intention and purpose in creating each of us, even when the numbers don’t add up.  Even when we are heartsick and hurting.  Even when the last thing on our mind towards the person in front of us is love… LOVE.  There is a light that shines in each of us and sometimes it takes another person noticing it for that very light to come into existence.  I, for one, dream of more light and less darkness in the people and world surrounding me.