Grace.  I have heard this word best described as unmerited favor.  It is my favorite definition because it gives light to the fullness of the word.  The completeness of the action.  All. Is. Grace.

Have you ever thought about how close you are to grace?  That one breath, one missed accident, one sure footed step is all it takes to reach grace.  There are so many of these palpable moments in my life.  The ones where I was spared the devastation that would have followed if grace had not been present.  Devastation of an accident.  Devastation of a life lost.  Devastation of my world crumbling around me.  You see, this world, our world is crumbling.  Falling into devastation constantly.   And the only thing saving us from living that total destruction in every moment of our life is God’s grace.  His unmerited favor.

I know it doesn’t seem like this.  In fact, all too often HE is the first to be blamed and thrown away.  He is the one we throw our rage and pain and hurt at.  He is the one that receives all the blame for what is really just the existing destruction of this world.  Thankfully, He is big enough to handle it.  He is great enough to take our pain and accusations.  He is loving enough to continue meeting us with grace even when it is the last thing we see.

I can’t say that grace is an easy thing to see but to me it is an essential thing to see if we desire to live and live fully.  Without it we will continue to believe we are deserving of everything and in turn see nothing.  Without it we will note all of the ways life fails us and none of the beautiful ways it meets us.  That breath that keeps us moving one more minute.  That step that saved us from perishing on the spot.  That torment that destroyed us for awhile but raised us higher in the end.  Grace you see, is not always easy to receive but essential to have.