Each day there is a question set before us.  One that will be answered whether we take the time to consciously address it or not.

“What voice are you listening to today?”

What I have learned is there will always be voices battling for my attention.  Whether they are duties to be completed, unfinished tasks plaguing me, unmet expectations lingering, false truths leading me off the path of life.  I find myself in a world of constant words.  Expectations and directives that lead me to a litany of complaints.  Complaints that will consume my soul if I don’t know where to turn.

Yet, there is one voice that speaks stronger than the others.  A name that is beyond all others.  Someone who has the last words.  His words finish all and lead to victory.  So when I find myself wavering in the desert, alone and full of hopelessness, there is a voice that will shatter the darkness if I will only take a moment to listen.

Sometimes this voice comes through the loveliness of worship or the wind on a breeze, the sweet laughter of children.  Today, may you find the voice that brings you life and fullness, the voice of Jesus- the one calling out to us in the desert… beckoning us onward into the fullness of victorious life.