Have you ever noticed how lonely life can be? Like the light drizzle of a Spring rain that fills your soul with a quiet keening you can’t quite place. The depth of all you keep bottled up in the recesses of your mind, suddenly wailing at you in the most unexpected fashion.

Life is like that sometimes, a quiet, bitter emptiness that can’t seem to be filled. I think it is the longing that leaves us lonely. Longing for answers, longing for peace, longing for more, longing to fill and be filled.

There is a place waiting to be filled inside each of us. For some it manifests as a soft distant cry; for others, the loud blaring sirens of destruction.  In the process of filling we either find the answer to the longing or the reality of the emptiness.

Christ is full, deep, palpable love. He is rich and majestic… Filling in the very contents of existence.  Yet it is in the context of creation that we often see Him the least, credit Him the lowest and esteem Him for not. In this comes the lonely darkness. For if  I see Him in nothing then I will find longing in everything… In Christ alone comes all things, even the tender place of being known.

Lord, let me be known.