There are so many moments in life that you wish you could take away.  So much pain and hurt and heartache you can’t possibly begin to fathom or explain.  These are the things that break us and make us stronger.  The splintering of our being that leads to the composition of something more refined than what existed before.  There is something to be said about the period that follows devastation.  It is earth shattering.  Both in the realm of current and future existence.  It tears you down every ladder you have ever climbed… deteriorating the things you have built your life upon and drawing you deeper into the pit than you have ever been.  Yet at the bottom of the pit there is something new that arises.  A stairwell leading you higher than you ever dreamed or imagined you could climb.

This stairwell is rugged and carved from the stone of your soul-filled struggle.  Unlike the preformed, desirable, “perfect” staircase we dreamed of walking, this path leads us through the roughest patches of life we have ever trudged.  It is also a staircase that continues onward, never seeming to reach the summit and give us relief.  However, it is this stairway that produces endurance in us.  That place we walk that will inevitably solidify the strength and fortitude of our character.  Have you ever found that the struggles are the areas you see growth?  That the devastation of life is the place that lays you out but never leaves you stagnant?

It is a choice to walk this stairway… perhaps the most challenging decision that a person makes in life.  It requires the sacrifice of letting go; the humility of admitting you don’t know what is up ahead; the faith to trust God is moving you… even when all you see is the pit you are trying to climb out of.

The best and hardest part about this staircase is that every day you choose whether or not you will take another step up it.  It is not your staircase of worldly victory but your staircase to spiritual fortitude.  Our race is not won by reaching the top but by being brave enough to follow Him each step of the way.