There are times in life where the only words you can use to describe your state of being is empty.  As though every ounce of you has been poured out into others, your patience running thin and your spirit running low.  This is that week and also the moment of realization that I am seeking something to fill my empty.  Delicious treats, praise from others, time with friends, peace and quiet… the list goes on and on. The reality however, is that there will be no filling by these things.  No permanent filling at least.  For the more I seek worldly things to fill my empty, the deeper the black hole will go.

Only in the face of my Savior, in the presence of the only One who knows what I truly need can I find filling.  Only when I come to Him admitting my weakness and seeking His grace will my empty start to be filled.  Admittedly, even this process never fills me as quickly or fully as I desire.  I want it to be a simple exchange.  A moment in His presence to make up for the hundreds of hours out of His presence that drain me.  Today though, I am going to try to meet Him all throughout my empty.  To thank Him in the face of my ingratitude and hurt.  To praise Him when the furthest thing from my heart is praise… to let the truth of His grace become the filling of my empty.  All is grace