Studying in John 13 this week I have been overwhelmed by Christ’s alarming example of servant hood.  Just before He goes to the cross to become the Passover Lamb for us, he kneels down in the lowest of positions to clean the filthy feet of His Disciples… All twelve of them.  That last bit is important.  Twelve disciples with filthy feet come out with clean feet… humbly washed by the hands of the One who created all things. The One worthy of all glory.  The One who knew Himself and how worthy He was, bent down as the humble servant instead of rising as the exalted King.  All to set an example for us.

Among the twelve was one who would betray Him.  One who walked with Him, saw His miracles, received His favor and love, one who because of pride and fear was going to hand Him over to His death.  Yet in the face of His betrayer, in the face of this knowledge, Jesus did not rebuke Him.  Jesus did not treat Him with cruelty, hatred or disgust… He loved Him… extravagantly.  He knelt down on the ground wrapped in a servant’s towel and washed his betrayers filthy feet.  Broke bread and offered it to Him as the final marriage covenant.  He poured Himself out lavishly for Him!

We all have a betrayer… sometimes more than one.  My current betrayer is this body.  This weak, human, fleshly, ever dying body that betrays me daily and does not function how I think it should.  It thwarts me and hurts me.  It abuses me and takes me ever lower.  It fails me.  In the face of this betrayer what is my response?  Certainly not to bend down and lavishly love it.

If I take the creator at His words though, believe in His example, that is exactly what I am  being called to do.  I am to  pour myself before the foot of the cross and ask the One who redeemed all betrayal to help me forgive my betrayer. To help me lavishly love my betrayer by the power of the Holy Spirit.   It is impossible in my human form to do this but with the King of the Universe on my side there is hope… and there is freedom.  For freedom comes in the face of a betrayer when we willingly place it in the Lord’s hands and receive the blessing He has for it.